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About Infant Care and Day Care Log-In Zone

What is covered in the Log-In Zone?

Log-In Zone has following features

  • Feedback and Input form
  • Quarterly Height and Weight chart
  • Developmental milestones (for infants)
  • Skill milestones (for daycare wards)

What is "feedback and input form"?
Kidz Kampus team is committed to providing an excellent atmosphere for your child. We look forward to positive contribution from parents to help us achieve this goal. Feedback and Input form helps parents to share new process improvements, upload files/pictures/videos of an idea for improvement, and give feedback.

We will be launching a mobile app shortly, which will further facilitate the same.

For anything that requires an immediate attention, please call us instead of submitting the feedback form.

What are developmental milestones for infants?
We provide infants with age appropriate playing equipments, encourage them to achieve the developmental milestones in a sweet and gentle manner, track the same and report to parents. This helps parents to keep a close eye on child's progress.

What is "skill milestones" for daycare wards?
For the kids who need daycare after preschool, we have several structured courses in fundamental skills of English Communication, Maths and Arts.

We provide regular updates on progress of kids in these areas to parents.

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