Our Differentiators

We believe that our biggest differentiator is our ability to make children smile. Here are some more of them ..

Our Staff

We have selected staff which is hand picked to give appropriate attention to kids and is regularly trained. Our Center Director, who is a qualified Early Education and Child Care Management professional, takes regular classes of the staff to reinforce good child caring practices.

Our approach of leveraging technology and specific child care expertise together in Early Education & Child Care services is different from

  • Large schools which find it difficult to provide individual attention because of large scale of operations
  • "Brand name" franchisee units which are run by individuals who may or may not have the requisite technical expertise or
  • Mom-and-Pop home based care units which usually lack adequate systems and technology.

Our Curriculum

We maintain detailed files of activity oriented, theme based curriculum so that kids can identify the inputs being shared with their real day to day life. For example - if we are following "Winter and Christmas" as a theme, then

  • Our Learning Fun activity will be "Counting the Mittens",
  • Our Poem will be "Five little Snow People" and
  • Reading session will be "The Christmas Story".

We will share all such activities with you every day.

Leveraging Technology for Individualizing Early Education

We have created unique systems that help us capture and share detailed data for each child separately. Using these systems,

  • We can share your child's individual participation in each activity with you every day along with details of the activities.
  • You can also see your child participating in the above activities from your home/office on internet.
  • You can discuss the daily learning with your child while it is still fresh in their minds - and gently reinforce the same at home.

For example, you can see the report on the way back from your office on your BlackBerry or Mobile email, and tell your child when you meet her "oh - so you learned about Christmas today". Imagine the surprise on your child's face.

We also maintain archives of detailed, daily participation data of your child. This helps in capturing trends of your child's progress at the school in an unobtrusive manner without getting into system of making "report cards" and forcing comparisons on child at this tender age.

Leveraging Technology for Personalizing Child Care

For child care, our focus is to leverage technology to ensure safety of our wards, capture detail information pertaining to care and ensuring a healthy environment.

  • For infants, we maintain a special, always on Camera which can be watched from anywhere,anytime in the world on mobile/internet. This helps us claim that our infant care operation is among the most transparent and efficient systems in the world. We have seen best of the infant and day care operations across the globe and such systems are truly rare.
  • For child care, we have created a special system of daily reporting and standing instructions. So - if you want your child to have a medicine at 4 pm, it will be done at the right time and recorded in our systems along with time, dosage and brand of medicine given. You can access these details from anywhere in the world.
  • We have "On - the -Go Pickup" system wherein you can feed our special, unpublished number on speed dial on your mobile phone. When you are in vicinity of the daycare, you can press the speed dial and our systems will announce/display your name and number to us. We will keep your child ready for departure - so that you can save time.

Our focus on health

We use appropriate equipments and processes to ensure provisioning of healthy environment for the little ones. A few illustrative items to highlight our approach

  • use of imported equipment for sterilization of kid's utensils
  • best quality RO water purifiers
  • regular vacuum cleaning to ensure there are no allergy causing dust particles
  • regular sanitization of "touch" surfaces such as toys, table etc.

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