Our Services : Daycare

Extended Day Care

We offer extended day care services for kids of all age groups starting from 6 months onwards. We have divided our day care services into three segments to ensure age appropriate focus

  • Infant Day Care : 6 months to 18 months - We offer a separate zone with appropriate infrastrucure for Infants. We provide age appropriate toys which promote gross motor skills, fine motor skills etc. for infants and maintain a special log for daily activity monitoring of infants. Our teachers are specially trained for ensuring safety of Infants (like avoiding choking hazards, administrating Infant CPR etc.). To know more about our Infant care services click here.

  • Toddler Day Care : 18 months to 36 months - We offer a separate zone for Toddlers wherein we provide age appropriate toys, infrastructure and our staff is specially trained to gently encourage approved societal behaviours such as potty training, eating manners, sharing etc.

  • Pre-schoolers and Schoolers Day Care : 36 months and above Pre-schoolers and schoolers have access to a different zone wherein focus is on fun, learning and group interactions. Kids are encouraged to interact with each other, are provided with activity oriented toys, are given a special curriculum to prepare them for school admissions. We study entrance systems for different schools and help kids prepare for the same while having fun.

Timings : Monday to Friday - 8 am to 7 pm

Transportation available on request


After - School Care

We offer After School care for school going kids which involves collecting kids from schools buses, giving them a safe environment and helping them with home-work, studies, extra-curricular activities etc.. We have separate infrastructure for kids of After School age group. Click here for more details

Timing : Monday to Friday

Transportation available on request


One - time Drop -offs

We also offer one-time drop offs for parents for leaving their children behind in a safe and encouraging environment while they are away on important work. The one time drop offs are undertaken in block of 3 hours and don't involve any registration fees.

Monday to Friday; special requests available for first half of Saturday as well

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