Daycare and After-school Care

We operate from 8 am to 7 pm on week days. In daycare program, we take in children from 18 months and above. We offer all the basic facilities - food, transport, etc.  

For children from 6 months to 18 months, please see our infant care section. 

Our daycare and after-school program is specially tuned for working parents. Our center director has been a working parent herself in the corporate world, and this program is inspired from her personal experiences. 

Key features of our daycare/after-school care program are 

  • Child safety 
  • Multiple options for food
  • Homework help 
  • Preschool+daycare
  • Fun - Biggest softplay in a daycare 

Child Safety

  • Working ethos
    •  We believe that teaching and taking care of children is a job of utmost responsibility. \
    • We have been here for 10 years and we will be here forever at the same location as it is our own building. 
  • Technology
    • We have most technologically advanced infrastructure in the Sarjapur Road area. It consists of 
      • CCTV cameras in every corner of the building which are shared with you as well. You can watch your child's live video on your laptop and mobile 
      • SMS alert on arrival of your child from school (after-school care) 
      • Electronic number door locks to filter out strangers
      • Video door phones to filter out unwanted strangers 
      • GPS on every van to track van movements
    • We have been operating this hi-tech infrastructure for almost 10 years now and have in-house teams to maintain it 
  • Building design
    • Our building is designed from grounds up for child safety. 
      • Separate rooms for different age groups and activities such as infants room, home work room, play room, activity room etc. So - during exam time, kids can study in peace while they can make all the noise that they want during fun time !!
      • Internal windows to improve monitoring of children and safety
      • Children washrooms are in the class room itself so that caretakers can watch the children all the time
      • There are no tower bolts in the whole facility (except for adult washroom - where kids are not allowed). All the door knobs can be opened from outside as well as inside. This ensures safety and no door can be locked intentionally/unintentionally.
      • All the door knobs are at adult height. Children can not operate any door knobs - avoids self locking
      • Specially Designed Entrance : Main entry has a specially designed double door entrance. There is an electronic lock with password that allows access to parents while strangers have to call in the management via a video door phone. All entries are recorded on a CCTV. It allows us to filter out unauthorized personnel from the facility
  • A grounds up building specially constructed for children is different from a home created for a family which has been converted into a playschool. This building is inspired by design for children's building given in an international curriculum which Director has attended personally. Click here to see details


We offer you complete flexibility in planning food for your child. If you want to send from home, we have a working kitchen available which can help to keep the food fresh.

If you want us to give food to your child, we have multiple menu options available. You can connect with office for the latest menu available.

Homework Help

We have teachers available to help your child with basic homework. Tuitions/extra coaching options  are also available for advanced help. Please contact office for details.

Preschool + Daycare 

If your child is less than 6 years, then the preschool programs and daycare programs can be merged into one program. Please contact officer for details. 

Fun - Biggest softplay in a daycare

We have India's biggest softplay in a daycare. To have a quick peek, see below. 

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