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Smart Kid Abacus Classes at Kidz Kampus

The Smart Kid Abacus Course is designed for students in the age group of 4-14 years. In India, there are more than 2500 centers for Smart Kid Abacus and 75000+ students. These courses promote Whole Brain development by stimulating both sides of the brain along with enhancement in skills, which leads to greater confidence in students to succeed in School Curriculum & also in all walks of life. The course will help your child sharpen his/her brain while having fun with numbers. It will help improve mental maths, concentration, memory retention, speed and accuracy of calculations.

Schedule- Thursday- 4.30 PM-6.00 PM

Fee Details- Registration Fees-Rs. 800/- (includes kit and books)
Monthly Fees- Rs. 1150/-.
Please call to schedule free trial class.

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