Welcome to Kidz Kampus!

Infant Care

 We take in children from age of 6 months till 18 months in Infant care. 

Key features of our Infant care program are 

  • Child safety by leveraging technology
  • Multiple options for food

Child Safety

  • Working ethos
    •  We believe that teaching and taking care of children is a job of utmost responsibility.
    • We have been here for 10 years and we will be here at the same location as it is our own building.
    •  We will not take or give Franchisees. We will not run multiple centers at the same time. This helps to ensure undivided management focus on every child that comes to our premises.
  • Technology
    • We have technology such as
      • CCTV cameras in every corner of the building which are shared with you as well. You can watch your child's live video on your laptop and mobile 
      • Electronic number door locks to filter out strangers
      • Video door phones to filter out unwanted strangers 
      • GPS on every van to track van movements
    • We have been operating this hi-tech infrastructure for almost 10 years now and have in-house teams to maintain it 
  • Separate rooms for infants
    • Our building is designed from grounds up for child safety. 
      • Separate space for infants - we have a separate playing room for infants, separate sleeping room only for infants and a separate outdoor playing area only for infants. We do not mix infant space with kids of elder ages for their safety
      • Internal windows to improve monitoring of children and safety
      • Separate mini-kitchen in Infant area so that the food for infants is not mixed with other kids 
      • Specially designed cleaning area and changing station for Infants 
      • Specially Designed Entrance : Main entry has a specially designed double door entrance. There is an electronic lock with password that allows access to parents while strangers have to call in the management via a video door phone. All entries are recorded on a CCTV. It allows us to filter out unauthorized personnel from the facility
  •  This building is inspired by design for children's building given in an international curriculum which Director has attended personally. Click here to see details


We offer you complete flexibility in planning food for your child. You could send home food or opt for fresh food from our kitchen. We provide healthy, kids friendly meals.