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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide door-to-door transport? Is your van driver accompanied by a maid? Is the transport trackable on GPS?

Yes - we provide door to door transport for your child. Our vans always have a maid along with a driver. All the vans are tracked by GPS as well as a speed governer.

I am a working woman. How do you ensure safety and convenience for my children while I am away in my office, busy in my meetings?
You can track live camera feed of your child on your mobile.

There are large Franchisee Chains who advertise on TV. There are smaller chains who operate multiple centers. There are Single Center Operators as well. How do I choose which option is best for my child?
As professionals, our opinion is as follows: At this tender age, each child will learn at his or her own pace. Children need a lot of personal attention and care from professionals at this age. It is a difficult and patient work which requires a lot of training. For example, teaching "A for Apple" to a child is wrong (pl meet us if you want to understand this better.) By very nature of work, it is not scalable and is difficult to commercialize as it depends on getting individuals with appropriate training and right attitude. For Franchisee Chain systems, key criteria for establishing preschools is people who own villas/vilaments. They are not that focused on training and behaviour. Large Chains with multiple centers run by same owner are started by fantastic individuals, however, they are usually not able to scale the personal attention required in this line of work. Hence, we recommend parents to go to Single Center Operations with qualified leaders not very far from their homes for this important decision. If Single Center Operation have qualified individuals with right attitude, they will be able to ensure the personal attention needed for your child. There are many people who have approached us for franchising because of our technology and curriculum. However, we have chosen to keep our center as Single Center Operation to ensure appropriate attention to children at our premises.

I am working in an office. Will my apartment security be able to send/recieve my children via your transport?
We allow children to be boarded/de-boarded only by parents or parent-authorized assistants with photo-id. We will not be able to either recieve or allow your child to be de-boarded with apartment security.

What are your timings ?
We operate the Montessori in first half of the day. We work from Monday to Friday.

Can I watch my child on a live camera feed?
Yes - we can provision a live camera feed of your child. Using this, you can watch your child on your mobile/laptop.