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Day Care and After School Care

Age group for Daycare

Above 18 months


There are separate rooms for each activity and routine. This ensures safety and fun for children.  

  • There is a separate dining area in kitchen for food
  • There is a separate room to sleep and rest
  • There is a separate room to study

We offer you complete flexibility in planning food for your child. You could send home food or opt for fresh food from our kitchen. We provide healthy, kids friendly meals.

Technology to keep you close to your child
  • We have all the rooms covered with CCTV and you can access the same on your laptop and mobile from your office.
  • Vans have GPS tracking and speed governors
  • Receive SMS on your child's arrival from school; watch your child on live camera feed on your laptop or mobile. It is like having your child in a room next to you
  • Receive daily report on your mobile about food, education, studies
  • Track your child's progress over a timespan via a digital report on a portal . Track health, weight, skills progress over last few quarters
  • Safety by Design
  • There is a specially designed double door entrance with and a video camera. This helps to record every single entry into the child care. Please note that usually double door entrances are not found in India.
  • There are electronic number locks. While parents and staff can walk in with the codes, strangers have to wait outside.
  • Internal windows in the entire building help keep an eye on the children
  • Specially designed doors which can not be locked from inside

  • Life-skills and Extra-Curricular Activities
  • English speaking and pronunciation course taken up certified teachers. International material from Jolly Phonics, UK
  • Abacus skills for Maths
  • Karate Classes
  • Art and Craft classes

  • Warmth and Personal Touch

    Last but not the least, we offer warmth and personal touch. By design, we have not kept a "corporate set up". There is no reception to stop you. You can walk in any time. You can speak to any one at any time. You can go to any room any time.

    Kidz Kampus Montessori - Watch your child live remotely. Get SMS on child's arrival from school.