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All in a DayCare's Work

I work in a Preschool. My day-to-day work makes me interact with little ones a lot .. and they have taught me to Live, Love, and Laugh. In these blogs, I share insights from my interactions with children and working parents. I want to promote healthy parenting - with a smile. The title of my blog is inspired by my favorite Reader's Digest column - "All in a Day's Work". ~ SW

Building Blocks

Jackie Chan has always made me laugh. When I saw this quote from Jackie, I couldn't help smiling once again. There are many Hindi songs which talk about English being a "funny language".

Many parents come and ask me - which is the subject child should focus on at this age?

I tell parents whether the child wants to become an engineer, or an artist or a sportsperson - English will be a common denominator in any sphere of work. With the expansion of internet, English has become the most important life skill for any individual. Child's grasp of language, and in particular, on accent is established during the first 10 years of life. After class 5, or 10 years of age, the school workload increases significantly. Exams start. Child usually has no time left for polishing basic skills. Hence, language skills gained till the age of 10 years form the building block for communication for the rest of the child's life.

I always tell parents to focus on English Communication as the building block till class 5, otherwise their child will also be giving quotes like the one above.

~ SW bee

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