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All in a DayCare's Work

I work in a Preschool. My day-to-day work makes me interact with little ones a lot .. and they have taught me to Live, Love, and Laugh. In these blogs, I share insights from my interactions with children and working parents. I want to promote healthy parenting - with a smile. The title of my blog is inspired by my favorite Reader's Digest column - "All in a Day's Work". ~ SW

On Children, Money and Time spent..

I was browsing through some children's sites over the weekend and this image caught my attention. I thought, so here is something for which my husband will agree with me for a change.. especially the money-saving part of it. :)

On a serious note, I have been noticing that many parents who come to our daycare have only one child. There are such cases in my family as well. There are many reasons - late marriages, tough careers for ladies in IT and Finance, home loans.. you name it. Many parents indulge their only child. But is it enough?

My father, who is the Principal of a school, shared a real-life story with me. There was a child who was from a rich family, had every amenity and was a topper till class 8th. In class 9th, this child failed. It was a shock for the entire school. The child lost interest in studies, because both of his parents were Doctors, and had no time for the child. The child reached the teenage and revolted. It was like a metamorphosis. I am sure you would know more stories like these

So, do close your laptops on weekends. Take your child out with you, or just lie down and read a book to your child. These are the memories that will bind your child with you as your child grows into teenage and beyond.

~ SW bee

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