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What we do ....

Kidz Kampus is a Montessori house of children, Day care, After school care and Infant care located at Owner's Court Layout (West), Jail Road, Kasavanahalli (off Sarjapur road). It is located behind Reliance Fresh on the Jail road.

Kidz Kampus offers an advanced Digital Audio-Visual montessori curriculum, Trained teachers, Hi-Tech safety features and lots of fun for your child.


Kidz Kampus has a Digital Audio-Visual curriculum which leverages a specially designed book, a lot of montessori equipments, a Digital Wall and a tablet for every child in the class.

So if a child has to learn counting from 1 to 10, she learns it through books with her teacher, through Montessori equipments and props, by singing and dancing in a group with a large Digital Screen and also, by interacting with an App on a Tablet. This interweaving of curriculum across multiple channels makes learning fun for children.

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Trained staff and Best Infrastructure

Our Director has multiple degrees in Childcare and Montessori education from USA and India. Rest of the teaching staff is also certified and qualified.

There is a separate room for Montessori equipments with international standard training equipments. There is a separate room for Digital Audio-Visual training with Digital Infrastructure. These rooms are over and above the class rooms.

Daycare and Afterschool - Child Safety and Fun

We believe that teaching and taking care of children is a job of utmost responsibility. To ensure focus, we don't operate any other branches, we don't give or take franchisees and we will be here forever at the same location as it is our own building.

The Kidz Kampus facility is a custom built building which has been built grounds up to ensure learning, safety and fun for children. There are several safety features in the building which are not possible in a normal residential building converted into a play school/day care.

It has features such as

  • India's LARGEST Softplay in a daycare - 2500+ sq ft of international quality indoor soft play exclusively kids at Kidz Kampus.
  • Live transmission - watch your child on internet and mobile from your office/home
  • SMS alert on your child's arrival from school (after school kids only)
  • Separate rooms for different age groups and activities such as infants room, home work room, play room, activity room etc. So - during exam time, kids can study in peace while they can make all the noise that they want during fun time !!
  • Internal windows to improve monitoring of children and safety
  • Children washrooms are in the class room itself so that caretakers can watch the children all the time
  • There are no tower bolts in the whole facility (except for adult washroom - where kids are not allowed). All the door knobs can be opened from outside as well as inside. This ensures safety and no door can be locked intentionally/unintentionally.
  • All the door knobs are at adult height. Children can not operate any door knobs - avoids self locking
  • Specially Designed Entrance : Main entry has a specially designed double door entrance. There is an electronic lock with password that allows access to parents while strangers have to call in the management via a video door phone. All entries are recorded on a CCTV. It allows us to filter out unauthorized personnel from the facility
  • Entirely separate space for Infants so that infants get a safe area to play,sleep and eat.

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Timings : Monday to Friday - 8 am to 7 pm; Saturday 10 am to 1 pm (office)
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